Tropicarium Park

A unique experience here in Italy, where you can live a great adventure, ideal for the whole family! The Tropicarium Park you find in the popular seaside resort of Lido di Jesolo, Venice!

Tropicarium Park is home to about 400 species of animals, from cute turtles, both acquatic and terrestrial, geckos, lizards and iguanas, monitor lizards, large and small snakes, frogs, toads and salamanders, insects, the “Butterfly Garden” free to fly, the mischievous monkeys, the animals “nocturnal” and smart Magellano penguins !!! A long journey with so many wonderful animals.

Predators; the most dangerous predators in the world, have always been the most feared, yet also the most spoken about, along this journey you will discover from the smallest dogfish of approximately 80 cm to the largest bull shark or rare lemon shark of over 3 meters.
Our pair of Nile crocodiles are the largest existing in Europe, Godzilla is the male of 4.50 meters and his partner measure 3.50 meters, other species are the Mississippi alligators, of the a pair from the Caymans and a strange dwarf crocodile. Plus, since April 2014 we have made a new extension for the baby Nile crocodiles, who are already a year old!!!

Aquarium, is the journey through an array of different species of tropical fish, some primitive and very rare such as Nautilus or horseshoe crabs that exist back from the time of dinosaurs, the dangerous and deadly stone fish, the coral reefs and voracious piranha !!!.

• Pay € 18,00, instead of € 20,00
• Receive your voucher at the reception of your accomodation
• Change your voucher for a discounted entrance ticket at the entrance of the Park


Combo tickets: Tropicarium + Egitto exhibition available at your reception!

Opening Times:
Every day from                 : 10:00-22:00 hr


There is a lots of parking available in the direct surroundings of the Tropicarium and Piazza Brescia.

Useful information:
• Baby strollers are permitted inside.
• Domestic animals are not allowed in the building.
• Children up to 12 years old are only allowed if they are accompanied by an adult.

We ask you kindly to respect the rules and regulations of the Tropicarium park, as these rules are made to protect the animals in their living environment.

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Get your voucher at the reception of your accomodation.

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